Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Various Artists - Shifting Sands: 20 Treasures From The Heyday Of Underground Folk (2010)

Under the influence of LSD, by the late 1960s the sands were fast shifting for acoustic music. This new compilation showcases twenty of the best tracks to have emerged from the underground folk revolution, taking in artists from Britain and America, as well as further-flung locations such as Norway, Eire and Canada, and touching on genres including jazz, country and psychedelia. The set comes complete with a full booklet featuring rare pictures and information about each artist, making it truly essential for all strange folk enthusiasts. (Sunbeam Records)


1. Fresh Maggots - Dole Song
2. Rick Hayward - Can't See Any Signs
3. Lazy Farmer - Turtle Dove
4. Moonkyte - Way Out Hermit
5. Maryanne - The Water Is Wide
6. COB - Summer's Night
7. Jaki Whitren - A Little Bit Extra, Please
8. Roger Rodier - My Spirit's Calling
9. Loudest Whisper - Cold Winds Blow
10. Gordon Jackson - My Ship, My Star
11. Mark Fry - Song For Wilde
12. Meic Stevens - Dim Ond Heddiw Ddoe Ac Fory
13. G.F. Fitz-Gerald - Country Mouse
14. Oriental Sunshine - Visions
15. Justine - See Saw
16. Wizz Jones - When I Cease To Care
17. Dawnwind - Canticle
18. Gary Farr - I See You
19. Lily & Maria - Morning Glory Morning
20. Synanthesia - Shifting Sands

Various Artists - Shifting Sands: 20 Treasures From The Heyday Of Underground Folk (2010)


DanP said...

...shan't pass up the opportunity to give this a listed! nice comp. title, too!...

Eriki said...

I like your blog....

Russ said...

Good to find you again after some years, thank you for this music

Blueguru said...

Thanks for sharing the music.

I have a new blog with new age and electronic music.

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vanDiemerbroucke said...

Lovely song by Roger Rodier (from Montreal) on this - complete with a theramin solo. Upon Velveatur is the name of the 1972 album this is from.

Kugayama said...

great music - terrible artwork...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

wow jaki whitren-who remembers 'give her the day ' ?

Folky Mick said...

thanks for this LP