Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Various Artists - The Electric Asylum Vol. 1 - Rare British Acid Freakrock (2009)

A very cool collection of work -- and one that moves way past the typical vibe of the usual psyche comp you might expect! A fair bit of the recordings here are from the early 70s UK scene, and show a real evolution since the end of the previous decade -- a move towards styles that are a bit leaner than before, with some cool compression and other production tricks in the mix -- almost elements that are a precursor for sounds to come in the space rock and glam scenes, but still definitely more psyche-based here. As with other Past & Present sets, there's a full batch of notes telling the tale of each unique track -- and the set list is filled with gems. (

1. Mighty'em - Jekyll & Hyde
2. Asylum - Suzy's Back
3. Iron Horse - Magic Love
4. Moonsoon - Night Of The Fly
5. Galahad - Rocket Summer
6. J.C. Heavy - Is This Really Me
7. Rainbow Family - Travellin' Lady
8. Puzzle - Do You Feel The Pain
9. Grumbleweeds - In A Teknikolor Dreem
10. Explosive - Hey Presto, Magic Man
11. J.C. Heavy - Do What You Like
12. Choc - The Devil
13. Danta - Queen Of Sheba
14. Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster - O.D.
15. Renegade - Never Let Me Go
16. Satisfaction - Love It Is
17. Audience - Eye To Eye
18. Steel Mill - Get On The Line
19. Kirk St. James - Tears I Cry
20. Legs - So Many Faces

The Electric Asylum: Rare British Acid Freakrock, Vol. 1


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Thanks to all who contribute to this site. This music lives on-I am off to the music store.

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Some cool tunes on this comp... Cheers!!

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Nice collection.