Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lambert & Nuttycombe - At Home (1970)

Lambert & Nuttycombe - At Home (1970)

Dennis Lambert and Craig Nuttycombe had been on the fringes of LA's music scene for some time, including stints with bands such as the East Side Kids and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, when they decided to proceed as a duo. This 1970 release was recorded live at the home they shared in Sausalito, California, and co-produced by David Anderle (The Doors, Love), Chad Stuart (Chad and Jeremy) and Glyn Johns (the Beatles, the Rolling Stones). A mellow collection of self-penned ballads that showcases their superb vocal harmonies and subtle guitar interplay, it has attracted a major cult following over the years. Though they gigged widely in California, Lambert's heroin addiction made it hard for them to break nationally and they parted after recording one further album in 1973.

1. Morning
2. Time
3. Bird Song
4. My Own Beat
5. Something On My Mind
6. Mouse
7. Ode To Drugan
8. Putting Myself Together Again
9. Mr. Bojangles
10. Country Song
11. Heaven Knows (Where I've Been)
12. Clover

Lambert & Nuttycombe - At Home (1970)


jhlee69 said...

Thanx for this post,may I have a request ,Do you have this album"Smith - Minus - Plus 1970 US" Ii's somethin' relate to this album, If you owned it uploaded it Please,I'll be very grateful!

iflux said...

this is a beautiful album, thankyou for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I have loved this album ever since I first got it in the early 70s. After more than 35 years it remains one of my favorite albums.

MrJJ said...

Thank You

Anonymous said...

thanks (again) mate.
big fan of the WCPAEP and looking forward to checking this out.

Anonymous said...

oh, really thanks from spain, malaga,,, i heard this band about three in the morning driving back at home. when i heard Lambert i started to cry feeling the cold breeze around me, i remembered when i was hearing n.drake 15 years ago by the first time,,, oh god!! i´ve looking for this album and here i am man!! thankxxx a lot!! today is an special day in my life, an special day in this grey april,,, yeahh!!

Damián Howsoon 1972 malaga, spain

Anonymous said...

really thanks for this album,, incredible. i heard lambert driving back at home about 3 in the morning today and i´ve been looking for it this afternoon. here i am,,,!! i remembered first time i heard n.drake 15 years ago when i got ill. a hard year in my life. i love nick drake and now i love lambert & n.c.
thanks my friend, i love g.o.d. too and i´ll talk about this garden to my friends, sure!!


damian 1972 malaga, spain

Anonymous said...

thanks from spain

Anonymous said...

ohhh, is incredible,,, i found it,,, really thanks my friend, i love this garden just from this moment!! haha,,,

i were driving at home this morning about 3 o´clock and heard lambert n.c. for first time in my life. i love n.drake then i love lambert n.c. too!!

thanks again!!

damián howsoon, 1972, malaga-spain

Anonymous said...

thanks. malaga-spain c

Anonymous said...

sorry,,, i did´nt know anything about your decission to include our comments... sorry man!! hahaha... ups!!

Dale said...

I haven't heard this album in 35 years or so, since my copy was lost, and I've never forgotten it. I'm excited to have found you have it shared. Thanks!