Tuesday, July 24, 2007

V.A. - Fun With Mushrooms (1993)

Various Artists - Fun With Mushrooms (1993)

Hi! Lophophora Williamsii here!

It's that time of year again & my mate Psilocybe Semilanceata has just popped up for a cup of tea Mmmmmmm... nice one Mr. P!

Well, what have we here? "Fun With Mushrooms" indeed... (And we're not talking Chesswoods). Before we float off in a haze of purple electric pagodas, let me just say on behalf of both of us, that we're proud to be able to gibber on the back of this plastic pantechnicon of pulsating pyrotechnical performances. Now all you have to do is turn the lights down low, light up the joss sticks, make your body comfortable and powered by a psychedelic cup of tea immerse your mind in this fungus fantasia.

What we have here is some of the very best of current psychedelic music, music that goes beyond any fashion conscious trend, music that exists outside of any MTV Corporate Hype, and just like the mushrooms that inspired it, has a tendancy to sprout up all over the globe as a celebration of life... shouting out "Freedom", "Justice" &"Liberty" (Liber-tea?)... there for all those who want to explore... the ultimate taster of musical fungi sprouting through the crap & mundane. So eat, drink & be merry, and remember - as a famous freak once said "To be a mushroom is to rise above the shit"...


Lophophora & Mr.P

Track Listing

Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika - Toadstool Soup (Slight Send) (M. Atha)
Saddar Bazaar - Night Descent (R.M. Hyder / S. Ryder / T. Royal / D. Spencer)
Praise Space Electric - Electric Sensation (Praise Space Electric)
14th Wray - Yuppie Deadhead Party (14th Wray)
Harrold Juana - Uncle Sam (Harrold Juana)
Dead Flowers - Chocolate Staircase (Swayambhunath / Manseed / McIver / Moorby)
Tangle Edge - Half-Moon Flower (Nygard / Horrigmoe / Johansen / Bergvik)
Watch Children - Did You Feed The Fish? (M. Saxton)
Dean Carter & The High Commission - Government Surplus Jam (D. Carter / M. Huxley / A. Green)
Omnia Opera - The Awakened (Omnia Opera)
The Inn - Who's My Name? (M. Cooper)
Wobble Jaggle Jiggle - Thoughts Of The Sky (C. Davey / R. Chambers)
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band - Thought Dial (Homer / Robinson)
Boris & His Bolshie Balalaika - Toadstool Soup (Slight Return) (M. Atha)
Terence McKenna

Bonus CD Tracks, from LP version of A Psychedelic Psauna

Cosmic Kangaroos - Ritual People (Cosmic Kangaroos)
Reefus Moons - Mr. & Mrs. Creature (R. Saxty)
Marshmallow Overcoat - 13 Ghosts (Panico / Gassen)
Dr. Brown - Freakbeat (Ellis / Shah / Cook / Anderton)
Jasmine Love Bomb - That River (K. Thompson / E. Kaspers)

Various Artists - Fun With Mushrooms (1993)


Angel Clare said...

Just come across this wonderful site on a search for "Trees". Will certainly visit again.

alex said...

Does anyone know anything about the band Watch Children?

Gilbert Chunks said...


Been searching around for this album and was happy to find it on your blog but the link is dead :(
Anychance of uploading it again please? i can't find it anywhere else...

DJInnaSoul said...

Would you be so kind as to repost this for a short while please.
It's one I had in the 90's which has fallen by the wayside and I'd love to hear it again.
Many thanks in advance.
Feel free to drop by .. InnaSoul

Håkon said...

Thank you for a wonderful blog, I've had so much great moments with your music.
This gem slipped me by, can you please upload again? (I guess that Rapidshare delete the files if no one download a file in 90 days.)

Greetings from Norway!

Eugenia said...

please upload this cd again...i need it! please please....