Monday, July 02, 2007

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol. 9 - The Other Side Of Life (2007)

Various Artists - Fading Yellow Vol. 9 - The Other Side Of Life (2007)

25 UK singles tracks, available on a compilation for the very first time. This volume 9 includes trax from UK 45s with such artists as Pop Workshop, The Marianne, John Pantry, Tapestry, Brendan Phillips etc!!


1.POP WORKSHOP - Fairyland
2.THE MARIANNE - As for Marionettes
3.SUSIE KLEE - Punch and Judy Girl
4.BRENDAN PHILLIPS - Is it worth a try?
5.PUSSYFOOT - Hasty words
6.HOGARTH - Suzies getting married
7.TONY RITCHIE - Rain on my window
8.JUMBO - Promises
9.JOHN PANTRY - Wash myself away
11.DAVE CHRISTIE - Penelope Breedlove
12.CHRISTIAN - Other side of life
14.TAPESTRY - Like the sun
15.ANDY FORRAY - Sarah Jane
16.RODNEY BEWES - Dear Mother Love Albert
17.GARY HAMILTON - Let the music play
18.MIKE LESLIE - Office Girl
19..MICKY JONES & TOMMY BROWN - If i could be sure
20.JON - Polly Sunday
21.TIMON - And now she says she is young
22.WISHFUL THINKING - Clear White Light
23.BRENDAN PHILLIPS - When sheZs kissing me
24.BILL FAY - Unrel Acetate
25.PAUL LAYTON - Sing Sadman Sing

Various Artists - Fading Yellow Vol. 9 - The Other Side Of Life (2007)

Music kindly contributed by wilkin. Special thanks!


JP said...

This is an amazing compilation. I thought I knew my obscure folk-psych and hadn't heard of any of these before. So I was blown away by how many are total gems! Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of re-upping these? That Hans asshole has done one of his "deleter" blitzes here.


Anonymous said...

Please repost!
Links do not work!