Monday, July 02, 2007

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol. 8 - Hymns For Today (2007)

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol. 8 - Hymns For Today (2007)


At last, here is a new FADING YELLOW cd comp., including magic trax from the late 60s/early 70s. If you dig the sound of Fairport Convention, early Bee Gees, Moody Blues, the pop/psych side of The Beatles, then this comp is for you. Volume 8 including trax from obscure UK LP's with such artists as Michael Blount, Danny Kirwan, P.C. Kent, Evensong, Gothic Horizon etc. 21 UK album tracks/acts, available on a compilation for the very first time.

1.HARVEY ANDREWS - England my England
2.JAN & LORRAINE - Bird of Passage
3.RAW - What to do
4.MICHAEL BLOUNT - Acorn street
5.DANNY KIRWAN - Lovely days
6.FUCHSIA - Me and my kite
7.P.C. KENT - After dark
8.VIGRASS & OSBORNE - Ballerina
10.MARC BRIERLEY - Today i feel like leaving you
11.STORYTELLER - Alice Brown
12.ANDY ROBERTS - Ive seen the movie
13.NADIA CATTOUSE - All around my grandmothers floor
14.JAN & LORRAINE - Snow roses
15.EVENSONG - The smallest man in the world
16.TREVOR BILLMUSS - Sunday afternoon in Belgrave Square
17.JOHN PANTRY - Long White Trail
18.MICHAEL BLOUNT - Ceaicles Micellaneous
19.ALAN JAMES EASTWOOD - Hymns for today
20.WIZZ JONES - One grain of sand

V.A. - Fading Yellow Vol. 8 - Hymns For Today (2007)

Music kindly contributed by wilkin. Special thanks!


S.├ębastien said...

I'm speechless! And grateful!!! Thank you.

lotus child said...

Please note these fading yellow compilations are available for LEGITIMATE PURCHASE via mailorder from the compiler. they come with great artwork and extensive liner notes. please support the efforts these young men & women put into bringing you rare anf fogotten sounds. Without actual cd sales, well there might not be other volumes of fading yellow for you to listen to...

these volumes were just released last month, i can understand the older volumes being up for download but these are still fresh.

JP said...

Whoops, the comment I left on Fading Yellow 9 was meant for this one! :-)

Anonymous said...

Any chance of finding Fading Yellow Volume 5, it has got a track on it 'Come Away melinda' by 'Cats Eyes', I don't know anything about the band, but remember the single in 1970 (I think) and loved it. Would really like to hear it again


Anonymous said...

Please repost!
Links do not work!

judahblue said...

Where are they available? I haven't been able to find them.