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Dimentia 13 - Disturb The Air (1989)

Dimentia 13 - Disturb The Air (1989)

With the assistance of Glen Rehse, of Plasticland, acting as producer, Brad, Louanne and drummer Witold Janczak, have created a slice of 80's psychedelic rock that in future years will certainly be seen as one of the main representations of the genre. This is the first Dimentia 13 album to include musicians other than Brad and Louanne and it is a great pleasure to find guest appearances made by Glen Rehse (on keyboards) and John Fallon of The Steppes (who plays some superb raga rock guitar on "St. John Society's Children"). John Fallon's contribution came about by pure chance.
Brad:-"John happened to be in the US when we were recording the new album. He was staying in Chicago and got in contact with Glenn who told him about myself and the new recordings. He came down to the studio one day, while we were laying down some basic tracks, and kindly added some superb guitar work on a song I just happened to pick because it had a long instrumental passage in it. He did a wonderful job on "St. John Society's Children". It wasn't originally intended to be the close-out of the album until John came in a did his bit. I decided then that it sounded so good that nothing could possibly follow it!"
In addition to the guitar maelstrom of "St. John Society's Children" 'Disturb the Air' contains some sizzling psyched out passages of music that go hand-in-hand with some rather more laid back melodies. "Martyred Under Mary" rocks gently in the cradle of a beautiful, swooping bass line whereas "Do What You Will" and "Yesterday Will Never Tell" punch through to your subconscious with their sharp and dynamic acid-rock guitar lines. Amongst those guitar moments, mentioned previously, we find the very Barrettesque "It's Awfully Nice of You", the purely acoustic "Madrigal" and the ethereal floating astral navigations of "Disturb the Air" - the title track of the new LP that is given a fabulous keyboard embellishment by Mr. Rehse (who presumably also had some involvement with "Arousing Polaris", a song named after the pre-Plasticland group). Whether you like your psych bluesy, melodic, explosive or just plain weird that you will find something to satisfy your cravings here. (from Freakbeat Magazine #6, UK, by Richard Allen)

Bradley S. Warner: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Louanne M. Varholick: Bass, Vocals
Drums by Witold Janczak except "Madrigal"
Lead Guitar on "St. John" by John Fallon (The Steppes)


Martyred Under Mary
Do What You Will
Get Me Out Of Sing Sing
Yesterday WIll Never Tell
It's Awfully Nice Of You
I Don't Want You
Disturb The Air
Arousing Polaris
St. John Society's Children

Dimentia 13 - Disturb The Air (1989)


Franz said...

Astonishing great neo psych!
The opening track "Martyred Under Mary" is a real killer, it reminds me of the Things' "Coloured Heaven"...
"Samantha" is just as great.
A must-have!

Anonymous said...

This is the Band of Brad Warner, author of the Book Hardcore Zen.

His blog is:

tomq500 said...

ThankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouTHANK YOU!for posting this.One of my all time favorites...would love to have this in a proper reissue (hello,Midnight Records?)but this will do until then.Thanks again!

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Joel aka Dr Woe said...

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IanB said...

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Anonymous said...


Is there any chance of re-upping part 2 of The Garden of Delights folk compilation from January? Part 1 is there, part 2 has gone...


Anonymous said...

Great album - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks!
I have one (maybe two?) of the earlier DM13 lp's from long ago, never heard this one.

Anonymous said...

Great LP great blog-thanks

john arthur said...

The Dimentia 13 link is now invalid. Could you place it again? I´ve been looking for this album for some 15 years...

Brad said...

I'm Brad Warner of Dimentia 13. If anyone's interested in this stuff after all this time write me at!

Anonymous said...

is it possible to re-upping the download link please? wonderfull music here !!!