Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gary Walker and the Rain - Album No. 1 (1968)

Gary Walker and the Rain - Album No. 1 (1968)

Exact CD reissue of this excellent mod psych album that was originally only released in Japan, with original full colour artwork.. Similar to the psychedelic Small Faces with hints of Cream this is classic UK '60s psych. Includes the superb "Francis" as well as the bands excellent singles. (FE)

1. Magazine Woman
2. Sun Shines
3. Doctor Doctor
4. I Can’T Stand To Lose You
5. Market Tavern
6. Spooky
7. Take A Look
8. View
9. If You Don’T Come Back
10. Thoughts Of An Old Man
11. Francis
12. I Promise To Love You
13. Whatever Happened To Happy

Gary Walker and the Rain - Album No. 1 (1968)


Evan said...

Is this Gary Walker of the Walker Brothers? I think I read about this lp years ago. Thanks for posting it.

Steve said...

Thank you for a great album. Kind of fills in the gaps with The Walker Brothers and Badfinger (The Iveys). Perfect.


doughboy said...

brilliant ... !
thankyou, garden of delights for the afternoon delight ...

Fuzzbox said...

Great Album ... thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ab-so-fucking-lutely fabulous.
Coolest blog download of the year.

JOE C said...

Hello, thanks for this nifty rarity.
Unfortunately, whichever way I try I can't open the second part, so I can't 'get at' the last 4 tracks. Any chance of a re-post?
Thanks anyway.


unka kreepy said...

Thank you. Nice stereo!

Chris said...

Wow, this is great stuff. Worthy of being better known than it is.

Tibor said...

I couldnt open the file. I heard the song magazine woman on the radio and am wanting to hear more. Any other way to transfer these files?

avidmartinet said...

anyway to repost this. the 2 songs i've heard from this are great. excellent site, by the way

YAHOWAH said...


yes, this is Gary Walker from The Walker Brothers. It`s his one and only solo album, but he did some solo works on 7" and worked together with the japanese Carnabeats.