Saturday, December 09, 2006

Will-O-The Wisp - Ceremony Of Innocence (2002)

3rd full length by this progressive psych-rock band from Greece is their masterpiece. Ceremony of innocence creates dreamy atmospheres with male and female vocals, swirling organ, strong electric guitar leads and floating flute parts.(from : psychedelic music net)
Combining dreamy atmospheres, sublime male and female vocals, swirling organs, sweeping guitars and lush flute arrangements as well as being beautifully packaged in a deluxe triple fold-out book-like CD Box, this is an awesome record with only 1000 copies pressed. (from : freakemporium)

Tracklist :

1 Smoke Supended In The Still Air 5:05
2 The Rabbit Under The Teardrop´s Shade 3:32
3 Shadows Of Daylight 4:31
4 The Reaper´s Paper Boat 4:28
5 Hew A Dream In The Twilight 5:33
6 Haze Secrets 5:01
7 A William Blake´s Song 3:59
8 Fairies Waltz 4:29

Kindly submitted by Unicorn. Special thanks!

Check them out at their website:

Will-O-The Wisp Official Website


Anonymous said...

WOW! As an impulse I just downloaded this album yesterday to have something to listen to, and boy - I'm truly glad I did! Great tracks with an amazing feel to them. Mystic and beautyful. An amazing album from start to finish, which is a very rare case. One of the albums worth buying, and supporting a magnificent band - I know I will. Anyone know where I might download the two previous albums for more sneak-hearing?


John D. said...

fantastic album ! the first one is also great.

Now the second is a mistery, only LP I heard, never listened to it.

Any information on that one?


Anonymous said...

Seems these guys have heard very much High Tide albums.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I too downloaded this album on impulse and I'm more than glad I did. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, what a great surprise! I'm knocked out by this, a great find. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Really great album.

Thanks a million for sharing

Anonymous said...

why is it so hard to find anything on this band? :(

thank you so much for posting!


Mark said...

Wow! I was curious about this post. After listening to this band, I must say, this album is terrific! Thanks for turning me on to a great group!

dimitris"underground" said...

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i'm glad to inform you about the new release " A GIFT FOR YOUR DREAMS" new cd out now
, a special Limited CD edition with 20 pages booklet and hard gatefold cover , LP comes soon with a single...for any information don't hesitate to contact me...Dimitris"underground"

Anonymous said...

nice 1 mate!

beep said...

It appears I arrived late to the party. I would love to download this one--is there any way to get the link back up and kicking? Thanks!