Monday, December 11, 2006

Damin Eih, A.l.k & Brother Clark - Never Mind (1973)

Damin Eih, A.l.k & Brother Clark - Never Mind (1973)

Review by Unicorn:

Who are Damin Eih, A.l.k and Brother Clark you may ask yourself and so do i. Hardly anything is known about these lads, but their only LP, a private pressing from 1973 is something you should not miss.Mostly acoustic and gentle, but highly trippy and mystic this is the real collector´s stuff. I really love this record and i am sure you will download, "Take Off Your Eyes" and fly.More information welcome!
(Note: the tracks on the LP go into one another, so the parted tracks often don´t have a clearly defined beginning or end. This effect will disappear if you hear it as a whole)

1 Tourniquet 2:17
2 Sing A Different Song 4:17
3 Take Off Your Eyes 5:40
4 Soft Margins 4:45
5 Thundermice 3:52
6 Monday Morning Prayer 0:38
7 Gone 4:40
8 Marching Together 3:36
9 Kathryn At Night 3:391
0 Party Hats & Olive Spats 3:24
11 Return Naked 1:57

Review kindly submitted by Unicorn. Special thanks!

Damin Eih, A.l.k & Brother Clark - Never Mind (1973)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, i made a stupid mistake here: It´s not brother Jack but brother Clark!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I made a stupid mistake and was skeptical about this album: It's not Never Mind, it's HOLY SHIT! Rarely do you unearth a true gem like this one. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting this, and for all of the great music here. I especially like the 5th song (I think) where they start repeating, "The world is ridiculous."

I feel that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting this, and all the great music here. I especially like the 5th song when they start singing, "The world is ridiculous..." over and over again.

I feel that.

schizoid said...

* Damin Eih - guitars, lead vocals, synthesizer, piano
* A.L.K. (A.L. Katzner) - percussion, piano, vocals, guitar
* Brother Clark (Clark Dircz) - bass, guitar, piano, chinese chimes

wreka said...

i have nothing to add to the above comments - except thanks.

lemmy caution said...

this album is amazing. thanks a lot

angusp said...

I dont know a whole lot about this record but I do know its from Minneapolis, I found one at this flea market in St. Paul and got 400 bucks for it on ebay so I know its valuable and from here. mybe Mark at Treehouse records knows more about it, I'll ask him and post here what I find out, he only has the best record collection in Minnesota..

Eclectic Music Junkie said...

This is a group I have been searching for for over thirty years. Andy, the studio engineer played one of "Damon E. Alk and Brother Clark"'s tracks from the album (still in production)
the track had the tentative title: "The World Is Ridiculous", and was on a master at his home, in Minneapolis, MN. I don't know if it made it to the album, was retitled, etc. I am trying to obtain music from this artist.
If anyone has it or knows where to (Legally) download it please let me know, I will buy vinyl if a copy of the album still exists.

Eclectic Music Junkie said...

Having heard the Damon E. Alk and Brother Clark master tape at the recording studio engineer's home, I was so impressed by this group that I have been searching for anything by them for thirty plus years! There was a track (tentatively titled - this was master tape, and may have been edited prior to cutting) "The World Is Ridiculous" which was awsome. It may be one a vinyl, and may be under a different name. Any info about how and where to download (LEGALLY!) any songs by this artist would be appriciated. I have hunted for vinyl to no avail..I believe any copies left are in hands of collectors.
Thanks, Eclectic Music Junkie

Stephen said...

Please repost a working link. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, seems to be an amazing album, but alas the link is dead. Even reissues are extremely expensive.
Can you please, please reupload???

Thanks for the lots of hidden gems you have uploaded!


Casper said...

This is so mindbogglingly awesome and transcendent, I can hardly believe my ears. Especially "Take Off Your Eyes" and "Soft Margins" carry a lyrical precision and thematic brilliance that make me shiver, along with the beautifully mysterious melodies.

david and mary grace said...

Eclectic Music Junkie: this blog doesn't show the dates of posts, so I don't know if you'll ever get this, but...

"Brother" Clark Dircz has re-mastered and re-issued the Never Mind album and it's available on vinyl and CD at