Thursday, April 13, 2006

Brandywine Bridge - The Grey Lady (1977)

Brandywine Bridge - The Grey Lady (1977)

Mid 70's UK Folk rarity featuring fragile folk music played on treble recorder mandolin, guitar, banjo, bodhran etc. This three piece trad folk band at no time gives up its distinctly British musical flavour and the end results are beautifully memorable.


1. Bodhran Jigs
2. The Grey Lady
3. Evening Aire
4. New Jigs
5. King Richard III
6. Forced Duty
7. Quorn Dollies
8. Fisherman's Night Song
9. Barrow Bumps
10. Jack Hall

Brandywine Bridge - The Grey Lady (1977)


Lisa Sinder said...

Nice to see you back ;)

Great album!

hmenonprog said...

Hello Lisa,
Nice to see you.
Thank´s for all.
Best wishes from Brazil,

Anonymous said...

Hope you are fine! Thanks for that new gift....

TRAMPje said...

Pfffffffffffffffff......i'm glad you recover your web again!!!!!!!;))))))


bannermike said...

I have wanted this album for years but never thought I would find it. Many thanks.

Cugel said...

Never heard of them before, gave it a try, loved it, thank you very much.

osim-massage-chair said...

Other great site for Celtic Music -

ronan said...

Hello Freaky_Lady,

What a great site! I can’t believe the amount of great obscurities you have here. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve only ever dreamt about hearing, starting with this one, so thanks again,

I love what you’re doing,


Anonymous said...

any chance of reposting this? It's gone.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best folk albums I have ever heard. Now I just have to find more of this...

Neilson said...

Hi. Could you post this again? I really like your blog. There's a bunch of other interesting looking folk stuff that's also been deleted.

Anonymous said...

Hi - hughe thanks for this album! You wouldn't also happen to have (access to) their An English Meadow album? All the best,

Anonymous said...

hey, this is so great, stuate and sheila hauge are my god parents and the guy on the right of the album cover is dave grew,,, my dad,,,,,the album came out the year i was born so its special to me!!!!

thank you thank you thank you
do you have any others,,,david john grew = alone and dreaming, or apperatife - brandiwine bridge.
also would love to hear buffalo in new yourk city again as i was in the recording studio when it was recorded and the last chporus you can here me screaming.
anyway thanks again,
kelly may grew ( elliott)

stuhague said...

Hi Kelly May! Amazing to catch up with you at last! We have a copy of Aperitif we can let you have. We even have a photo of you as a young girl taken by a Lochside in Scotland. Your mum has told us how proud she is of you and your family. Please do get in touch. My email address is '' Love Stuart & Sheila