Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's A Beautiful Day - Marrying Maiden (1970)

The second album from 1970 is an exceedingly more pastoral effort than the band's self-titled debut. As many of the Bay Area groups — most notably the Grateful Dead with Workingman's Dead and American Beauty — had begun to do, the band realigns its sound from the dark psychedelia of its earlier works and into a lighter and earthier country-flavored rock. Marrying Maiden does, however, continue highlighting both the sextet's stellar instrumental proficiencies as well as vocals — featuring the entire band — throughout.
Not as good as their selftitled debut but still very enjoyable music.


1. Don and Dewey
2. The Dolphins
3. Essence of Now
4. Hoedown
5. Soapstone Mountain
6. Waiting for the Song
7. Let a Woman Flow
8. It Comes Right Down to You
9. Good Lovin'
10. Galileo
11. Do You Remember the Sun?



Mr Boubou said...

tanks for your contribution to the development of good taste in music.
Keep up

spacedsaviour said...

hello i've never seen that cover before (don't remember it anyways). it was pretty much all downhill from here, but they were a fine band for a while.got a manson connection aswell, bet they were 'pleased' about that.later...

gammon said...

Good to see you back, Freaky_Lady, thought you'd left us!
Good post too.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned, that's a different cover than the American album release. Is it the European cover?
I think ALL their albums are GREAT! Even the David LaFlamme solo album.


TRAMPje said...

Thank you !

GarColga said...

Hi Indra - some guy left this link in the comments on my blog. Seems we have been mentioned on WFMU's "Beware Of The Blog"! This guy says that WFMU is a huge radio staion in New York.


freaky_lady said...

Hi Liam! Thanks for this information!

savoadaki said...

Interesting music -- also a very nice blog for less common selections. Congratulations for quality, beats quantity every time.

Cooper said...

I've seen Bröselmaschine over here:


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Anonymous said...

as far as I know, this is an ORIGINAL album cover, but more important thing is excellent music quality from LaFlemme & co!
all thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

it's not the cover the album had when I bought it back in the 70's.