Sunday, February 19, 2006

Roy Harper - Folkjokeopus (1969)

Eccentric, prolific British singer/songwriter Roy Harper is a legend on the U.K. folk-rock scene. He began recording in the late 1960s, as something of a cross between Bob Dylan's troubadourism and Syd Barrett's freewheeling, wild-eyed visions. Though Harper has had an impact on British rockers who gained greater fame (he's feted in Led Zeppelin's "Hats Off To Roy Harper," sings lead on Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar," and was a major influence on Jethro Tull), his mix of folk and prog-rock has earned him a niche all his own in the pantheon of British songwriters.


1. Sgt.Sunshine
2. She's the one
3. In the time of water
4. Composer of life
5. One for all
6. Exercising some control
7. McGoohan's blues
8. Manana


musicgnome said...

Harper was introduced me via online friends whom educate me on a daily basis on all things musical and wonderful. Picked up his album, Stormcock, which is ABSOLUTELY wonderful. Looking forward to sampling this...much thanks!!!

Rahsaan57 said...

Thanx a million!

Check out "Bullinamingvase" if
you get the chance - it's exc.

Anonymous said...


As I listen to Limbus 4, I must say, you rule!! Exceptional taste and an introduction to some terrific stuff. Recently picked up Harper's "Flat, Baroque and Beserk" and highly recommend it to those who enjoy this one. Roy at his most Dylan-esque but with even more venom if that is possible.


Anonymous said...


Very nice stuff. Have downloaded Roy Harper and Holderlins Traum. Thanks muchly.


Donno said...

Excellent album!! I don't think Harper ever made a bad album, he's definately a one-off. All I need now is the album that has the track Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith or whatever it was called :)
Thanks greatly for this one!

gammon said...

Thanks for the Roy Harper. What an excellent album, it's hard to pin down quite who his voice reminds me of.


Anonymous said...

Noticed you link to, which doesn't seem to exist anymore. has his rapishare links archives for those who missed albums or what have you.

Madame Candyman said...

Hat's off to freaky lady!

McOrbit said...

You people should check Harpers Lifemask, there is this one long track called Lords Prayer (or something), very intense stuff...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting this up. I saw Roy at many gigs in the late 60's and its good to be reminded of how excellent he was!


Hazy Dave said...

I'm mainly familiar with Roy's "When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease" though I've heard a bit more of his output less frequently. Seems like he's talented enough to have been a bigger star, but perhaps he was just as popular as he wanted to be.

Anonymous said...

awesome... and please!!! we want more Harper albums now!!! :)

happydog said...

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this and your other contributions.

sorbus said...

The Reason for Beautiful Roy`s Lack of Stardom was He kept Checking Himself as In Patient to Mental Hospitals Unlike The Equally Talented Late Syd Barret. Harper seemed to be able to maintain control. Listen to his Diatribe against Apartheid "I Hate The WhiteMan" "MacGoohans Blues" by The Way is about Harpers Take on The Cult Series "The Prisoner" Patrick MacGoohan being The Actor playing The Title Role
Touch of Weirdness No Harper fan I know Has The Album "Come Out Fighting Genghis Smith" if anyone can place it Hereabouts My Cup of Gratefulness would Overflow
Now This Album contains One of The Greatest Hippie Lovesongs Ever
"She`s The One" but with his Usual
Ambiguity The Person singing is Not The Husband but could it be "The Lover"????
Only Roy Harper and possibly The Lady Know and neither are sayin` anything.

Now To The Power Of Now said...

Great reviews. Could you also provide the Label info for your posts.

hevisto said...

Please post some of the other Roy Harper albums...All are out of print here. Muchas Gracias.

Jenerator said...

My dad introduced me to the wonderful music of Roy when I was an embryo!
If you like Roy or indeed any late 60`s uk folk rock should also check out Michael Chapman`s Fully qualified survivor featuring a pre Bowie Mick Ronson. It`s in my(and John Peel`s)opinion one of the greatest lp`s ever made!
Please check it out!

Anonymous said...

we used to go see Roy and we would always roll him a spliff and take it to the stage for him, he is by far one of the greats, my love, thomas

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Anonymous said...

I'd add that Harper also might have influenced John Lennon. A couple of the tracks on 1970's Flat Baroque and Beserk contain elements that are echoed in John Lennon Plastic Ono Band. I'd have to check to see which album came out first, though, but I suspect Harper's did.