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Subway - Subway (1972)

Subway - Subway (1972)

A beautiful and very rare album from the annals of European psychedelic/folk/prog circa 1972. Subway were a half American, half British duo, living in France, who released 200 copies of this, their self titled album, on vinyl, and promptly disappeared without trace. Their sole 'gigging' consisted of busking in Paris subways- hence the band's name- and to add to the legend, it seems that most of the unsold copies were melted, which was usual French practice!! The music itself is dark, psychedelically inclined folk with elements of freeform prog: somewhere betwixt Comus and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, but with less instruments.

Liner Notes:

Subway: It is not a group. It is a duo. It is not an ordinary duo. Composed of IRV, the guitarist, singer and author-composer - he is American; of MALCOLM, violinist - he is English.
IRV arrives in England where he meets MALCOM and they start working together. Sometimes later, they decide to try to break in France. But it is not so easy. They have no more money and sing in the underground to earn their living. Their music is surprising and very personal. All the titles included in this album are IRV's compositions.


1. I Am A Child
2. Song For Sinking Shelters
3. Warm You Are
4. All The Good Things
5. Enturbulaton - Free Form
6. Arizona Sands
7. Rosanna Of The Roses
8.Can I Trade With You My Mind

Subway - Subway (1972)


Mirco said...

Fascinating underground-folk...I didn't know this record, so thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Holy smoke. Thank you so much. Next you are going to tell me we get to hear the Fresh Maggots lp. Incredible stuff you have been putting up.

loopy c said...

A 'tasty brew' indeed. Your site is wonderful, thanks for all the effort to bring these albums to my/our ears. Way too many enjoyable moments to inscribe as a single comment, I guess that's what music is for ;-)

"It's like trying to dance about architecture"

Anonymous said...

lots of interesting music comes from the underground, this is no exception, Thanks for sharing it!

dweller said...

"Next you are going to tell me we get to hear the Fresh Maggots lp"
are you taking the piss?
if not, apologies.
thank you for the music

Anonymous said...

I was very curious to hear the Fresh Maggots lp? Bring it on.

dweller said...

anonymous, I misunderstood
your first post
\just to say Fresh Maggots is a great LP. very well worth hearing :)

booblikon said...

i happened upon your weblog by chance thru links. i admit this is not my usual fare, but i took a chance and SUBWAY, as it turns out, has made for a very enchanting, beautiful listen. yours is clearly a unique and much needed site. thank you.

Satisfied Listener said...

Thank you very much. This is EXACTLY what I am looking for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing !!
high quality, wonderful band!

kpk said...

Thanks a lot for all your good work
I appreciate

Pope Leo said...

Thanks for your generosity. The Subway was very good. There some parts that reminded me of It's A Beautiful Day. The dreamy trancy violin I suppose. Great Job. Great Blog.

ulaes said...


Please please make this link available again. I missed it.


thank you lady F more wonderfull album

rpmohn said...

Can you please repost this file?

Jackson said...

Hi, I Love Your Site,Can You Please Repost This Album.
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musteri said...

i really loved this album.
highly recommended.

Mihailo said...

Working link (2009-02-08) at

Anonymous said...

Subway made another album called 'Busker', it may have been a private pressing - is as good as Subway.
The album could have been made before they made Subway

Irv Mowray is the name of the guitarist.

Thanks for further info on Subway.

michelpearce said...

This link to youtube you will find the 1970's film Busker.

Anonymous said...

The Busker film online

Grigo said...

The 12 strings guitar was mine. Irv borrowed it to me. I was a street musician too at this time.
I just found the Amber Soundroom german reissue last week on the net (in Las Vegas). AS LP 049
This record is a pure pleasure.

Bruno said...

All the Lp here :

Bruno said...

All this LP is shared here :