Monday, April 05, 2010

Magic Carpet - Magic Carpet (1972)

Official reissue of exquisite 1972 UK psychedelic sitar folk album. Beautiful female vocals blend with mystical eastern raga sounds.
Also included on the reissue is a 20 minutes instrumental bonus track. Dreamy and magical. (

Line-up: Clem Alford / sitar, esraj, tamboura - Alisha Sufit / vocals, guitars - Jim Moyes / guitars - Keshav Sathe / Indian tabla, percussion


1. The magic carpet
2. The phoenix
3. Black cat
4. Alans Christmas Card
5. Harvest Song
6. Do you hear the words
7. Father Time
8. La La
9. Peace Song
10. Take Away kesh
11. High Street
12. The Dream
13. Raga

Magic Carpet - Magic Carpet (1972)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this *sitar* album also. These are Great and appreciate you sharing them!! M usa

BreakEclectic said...

I've try that one first and what a surprise, it's full of inspirational things !!! Thanks you so much for dat fat post !!! PEACE !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you *ever* so much for this and the Clem Alford solo album!

Your kind act in posting these has made my life so much happier.

May your blog prosper, and your offline life be filled with unexpected good things.

Mr Lentil.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that one - I was looking forward hearing this for a long time.
Sadly on track 5 there seems to be some kind of drop out. Is this only the case with my download or i it generally?
Would be great, if this could be checked.
But thanks a lot anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one, great stuff!
Sadly one track (5 Harvest song) seems to be corrupted.
Any chance for a repost?


briank said...

i found this at another blogger's site but they didn't have the excellent bonus track, "raga."
thank you, to you and all bloggers who open my mind to such awesome music.
can anyone recommend any more of this acid folk raga scene?

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for sharing!
I didn hear a dropout on track 5 but maybe my attention dropped.
Anyway, very nice sitar album, very much appreciated.

I don't now many groups, and the ones i know, they use only occational sitar.
As a sitar album i like a lot john maclaughlins shakti as he imitates a sitar with his 12-string-guitar and maybe peter bursch's broeselmaschine. ah, and of course some pentangle songs.