Monday, January 16, 2006

Limbus 4 - Mandalas (1970)

Limbus 4 - Mandalas (1970)

Here comes the 2nd Limbus album (their even more obscure debut from 1969, under the name Limbus 3, has been bootlegged on CD by Germanofon & is legitimately available on LP via the Batschong label), which was originally issued by OHR in 1970. A fantastic dose of early 70s German freeform weirdness and an essential reissue for the tuned-out community. Formed in 1968, Limbus were a most unusual band who grew a unique music out of jazz, folk and avant-garde roots. As the more varied instrumental quartet Limbus 4, with swirling organ, studio effects and a most bizarre use of kazoos, Mandalas has perplexed and confused many. Limbus 4 were certainly one of a kind.

Limbus 4 are:
Odysseus Artnern, Bernd Henninger, Matthias Knieper & Gerd Kraus (piano, bass, cello, viola, violin, flutes, percussion, tablas)


1. Dhyana
2. Kundalini
3. Heiku
4. Plasma

Limbus 4 - Mandalas (1970)


Anonymous said...

Great,different music.tnx

Michael said...

I can't find a link to download it...did I miss that chance? I'm sad now, sounded like it might've been very interesting.

michael said...

I've now downloaded Limbus 3 and 4...I'm officially a new fan of their music, thank you so much.

Brendan said...

The Limbus 4 link is broken. Any chance you'll fix it?

Brendan said...

Awesome shit overall, but the Limbus 4 link is busted. Any chance it'll go back up?

Anonymous said...


Limbus 3 - 1969 Cosmic Music Experience

192 kbps
sorry, no artwork
pass: gwyn

Limbus 4 - 1970 Mandalas

192 kbps
pass: gwyn


jdk1970 said...

(I got this album from a different blog.) The first track is a load of pretentious bunk to my ears... the other tracks are interesting to some degree. I'm really new to the Krautrock thing. I don't get how this is anything like what I've heard from Can.

As an alternative to this, check out anything by Jon Hassell... he's really good at the ambient primitive thing, and really is a distinct trumpet player.