Sunday, January 01, 2006

Aktuala - Aktuala (1973)

Aktuala - Aktuala (1973)

This should appeal to everyone who likes Third Ear Band, Embryo, Area's most experimental stuff, Penguin Cafè Orchestra, Clivage's "Regina Astris", Oregon, Limbus 4, Kalacakra, Kaleidoscope (U.S.A.), between Agitation Free's "Malesch" and Popol Vuh's "Hosianna Mantra".


1. When The Light Began
2. Mammoth R.C.
3. Altamira
4. Sarah' Ngwega
5. Alef's dance
6. Dejanira


Walter Maioli / flute, harmonica, oboe- Daniele Cavallanti / saxophone- Antonio Cerantola / guitar- Lino Vaccina ('Capra') / percussion- Laura Maioli / percussion

Releases information: LP Bla Bla (BBL 11054) 1973 / CD Artis (ARCD 038) 1993
Aktuala - Aktuala (1973)


Mirco said...

It's just a beginning but it looks very promissing :)
I will add you on my links.

Bye from Italy


Anonymous said...

you have some great finds here, Thanks for sharing!! M usa

Anonymous said...

Superb Stuff!!!! Gracias a lot from Spain

Pher said...

there are unfortunateley, a lot of dead links on your site! is there anything i can do to help resseruct these links? is there? lot's of history and valuable stuff just to let lay here. let me know.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful effort, superb collection. You have helped me flesh out a genre of music I've loved all my life, with many groups I had never discovered!

I've yet to find a good collection of Renaissance or Annie Haslam, seems they might fit in well here ... ???

Many of your links are dead, any chance you can re-up on good old reliable Rapidshare???

Many thanx!

Uzbekistan said...

Please reuploading this fantastic music again!

wyleewolf said...

If you know of Baldwin & Leps You must be a friend,I am the only other person that pisses his sister off (really bad) and I think it is time Micheal and I at least say hello.Can you help?

Anonymous said...

Can you please reupload this album? Thank you very much and happy new year!