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Agitation Free - Malesch (1972)

Agitation Free - Malesch (1972)

Album Length: 40.03
Genre: Ethnic
Release Info: 1992 CD Reissue SPALAX 14250

The debut album by Agitation Free followed a somewhat different path than your average Krautrock band, veering unexpectedly toward the Middle East, specifically Egypt, in search of atmosphere and material. Underneath the dueling guitars and spacy synth work, desert rhythms and taped sounds of dusky cities percolate, adding depth and spice to the otherwise smooth, Teutonic grooves. It's a tribute to the apparent sincerity of the band that the use of these motifs does not sound at all contrived, instead integrating quite well. The delicate, intricate percussion that concludes "Ala Tul," for instance, sounds as lively as anything by Steve Reich from around the same period. Tapes of street songs emerge surprisingly and effectively toward the end of the otherwise stately march "Khan El Khalili," providing a bridge to the Terry Riley-ish organ trills that begin the title track. "Malesch," like many of the tracks, spins off into a leisurely stroll, sounding unexpectedly close to some Grateful Dead jams. Even when it picks up pace, there's an unhurried quality that fits in nicely with the Saharan undertones of the album. Malesch is a solid, even inspired recording that stands somewhat apart from the usual clichés of the genre. Fans of German progressive rock from this period will certainly want to hear and enjoy it. (Review by Brian Olewnick)

Lutz Ulbrich, guitars, zither, Hammond; Jörg Schwenke, guitar; Michael Hoenig, synthesizer, electronic devices, steel guitar; Michael Günther, bass, tapes; Burghard Rausch, drums, marimbaphone, vocals; with Uli Popp, percussion; Peter Michael Hamel, Hammond


1. You Play for Us Today — 6:08
2. Sahara City — 7:42
3. Ala Tul — 4:50
4. Pulse — 4:43
5. Khan el Khalili — 8:10
6. Malesch — 8:10
7. Rücksturz — 2:09

Agitation Free - Malesch (1972)


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YIPPEEEEE!!!! Finally, a great blog site AND an Agitation Free post...what more could a fella ask for? I was searching for 'Malesch' and 'At Last': you've cured my craving!

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pbrchicken said...

Criminally underrated.. obviously you're not gonna find this gem on Mojo's top 100 or anything, but with it's rich textures, experimental cosmic sounds, and amazing riffs.. not to mention the concentrated, two-minute guitar payoff (Rucksturz) at the end of the record... it's easy to keep coming back for repeated listens. I would go so far to say this is simply one of the best albums of all times!

Blog Psychosonda said...

Amazing album, In the You Play For Us Today I feel the similar emotions as in the Set The Control Of The Heart Of The Sun by Pink Floyd.

Best regards from Poland! Martin

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They are playing in London and Manchester in April!!! See you there :)

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They are plying in London and Manchester in April...see you there! :)

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This sounds like it may be good - thanks for sharing.